Link indexer

The challenge of not indexing backlinks is one of the most important problems of SEO experts dealing with. We have tested numerous methods for this issue and finally we succeeded to develop a a practical and effective procedure for indexing your website’s pages. This method has been tested for various links and proudly has not leaded to any penalty. So, if you are dealing with indexing issue do not hesitated to contact us as there won’t be any concern.

The challenge of indexing backlinks created by SEO Masters

SEO masters in order to create prominent credibility for the websites doing SEO, they make external or off-page links. There are many methods for creating external links, including publishing blog posts, receiving forum links with, edu and gov domains, social profiles and so on. This is while the important issue in this process is not indexing by Google. If this happens which happen often, can lead to sharp credit drop and consequently to page rank fall.

95% success in indexing links by Quanta’s Link Indexer

We are proud to announce that 95% of the links assigned to us are indexed. This is because our SEO team has tested numerous methods for indexing links and at the end we have our own procedure and method with more than 95% efficiency. This whole procedure can and indexing the links can be done just between 5 to 24 hours which is a miracle and marvelous against other methods and procedures.

Ineffectiveness of common methods of indexing pages and backlinks 

There are many method that SEO master utilize to index the landing pages, such as the utilization of external indexers like software such as “Gsa indexer”, and sites providing indexing services such as “fastlinkindexer” and indexinject. They would use relatively similar methods like each others while they would create lots of second layer links( Tier 2) for a landing page which they hope it might end to the landing page indexing. In the previous years, we have bought and tried most of these indexers, while the bad news is that in the previous past few months, almost all of these tools are dealing with malfunction and just small percentage (less than 5%) of your links are indexed by these tools.

Unbelievable price of Link Indexer service

According the high cost of external links bought by SEO masters and our responsibility to our ecosystem, we have decided to present this this service at the lowest possible price, so that we can be more effective for our ecosystems and customers active in digital space. This is while we provide the best and most effective backlinks. Some of these links, like social signals, do not even need to include content, and so this would minimize the cost of content production for you.

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