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SEO Service in our agency would increase traffic and qualified leads for your website. This would happen by getting ranks or positions for competitive keywords searched by your targeted clients related to your business on the first page of Google and other search engines. This would lead to increase in sale and your brand awareness for your audiences and clients.

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Clients who have received our SEO services and are now on the first page of Google

کسب جایگاه در کلمات کلیدی پربازدید و رقابتی از طریق سئو سایت

The result of customer trust after 9 months

Received almost 100 thousand visitors to the site

Customer trust result after 12 months

Reaching almost 2 thousand visitors per day

The result of customer trust after 7 months

Reaching almost 5 thousand visitors per day

The result of customer trust after 5 months

Received almost 10 thousand visitors to the site

Customer trust result after 12 months

Daily visit growth from 30 people to 420 thousand people

The result of customer trust after 3 months

Daily site visitor growth from 50 people to 500 people

The result of customer trust after 7 months

Reaching almost 2 thousand visitors

The result of customer trust after 3 months

more than doubling the site's daily visitors from 750 clicks to 2k

The result of customer trust after 8 months

Received almost 500 thousand visitors to the site

کلینیک ایرانیان


رتبه‌های آپدیت شده در

کلمه کلیدی جایگاه
کاشت ابرو ۱
جراحی زیبایی ۱
کلینیک زیباییی ۱
عمل زیبایی ۱
جالپرو ۱
فیلر بینی ۱

۹۲۰+ کلمه کلیدی طولانی در صفحه اول گوگل

سئو دکتر مهرشاد رابط

دکتر مهرشاد رابط


رتبه‌های تحویل شده در
بهمن ۱۴۰۱

کلمه کلیدی جایگاه
کاشت مو ۱
کاشت ابرو ۱
تزریق ژل ۱
تزریق چربی ۱
تزریق بوتاکس ۱
سایناشور ۲

۸۶۰+ کلمه کلیدی طولانی در صفحه اول گوگل

سئو آژانس مسافرتی

آژانس مهاجرت چهره نگار


رتبه‌های آپدیت شده در
فروردین ۱۴۰۲

کلمه کلیدی جایگاه
خرید بیزینس در ایتالیا ۱
جاب آفر انگلیس ۱
دلایل مهاجرت ۱
ویزای تمکن مالی اسپانیا ۶
پراگ ۶
ausbildung ۲

۶۴۰+ کلمه کلیدی طولانی در صفحه اول گوگل

SEO price for SEO services and site optimization

The price of SEO service depends on many parameters that requires a precise analysis of your site. Please submit your website address below for our technical team analysis and sending you the technical and financial proposal for you.

SEO Service

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  • SEO Content: 10,000 words
  • LinkBulding: 20 pieces
  • Performance SEO: 3 Landing
  • _______________________________
  • Account manager
  • Providing monthly reports


  • SEO Content: 15,000 words
  • LinkBuilding: 30 pieces
  • Performance SEO: 4 Landing
  • _______________________________
  • Account manager
  • Providing monthly reports


  • SEO Content: 20,000 words
  • LinkBuilding: 40 pieces
  • Performance SEO: 5 landing
  • _______________________________
  • Account manager
  • Providing monthly reports


  • SEO Content: adaptive
  • LinkBuilding: adaptive
  • Performance SEO: adaptive
  • _______________________________
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Providing monthly reports

SEO services done by us as your SEO Master

As SEO master, we would do many specific and determined technical tasks for your website. 

Here below some important ones of these tasks are listed for you.



On Page SEO

Technical SEO


Off Page SEO


SEO project experience in different fields

Online Shop SEO

SEO of doctors' sites

SEO news site

online magazine SEO

Beauty clinic SEO

SEO service site

Corporate SEO

SEO startup

SEO of airline agency

SEO digital currency

Lawyers' website SEO

Multilingual SEO

Exchange site SEO

Restaurant website SEO

SEO educational site

SEO download site

Many tasks and actions are needed to be done on your website to be seen by your customers and clients, which the most important and critical of them is SEO and optimization for search engines like Google. Since these actions are complicated, special and tangled, there is serious competition between business and their websites, and in order to be able to have a high rank in this competition in search engines rankings, so you should entrust the SEO of your website to an expert team or agency. In the real and digital world, it's not the websites that are competing, but the professionals and teams behind them are fighting against each other for better ranks. So it is better to choose a trustworthy knight for your side and your digital combat coming toward you.

SEO strategy design for the site in 2024-2025

Do not underestimate the strategy in SEO, the fact is that designing the right strategy in SEO determines everything. If the SEO strategy is not designed correctly, you will not get any results from the technical actions on the website. Considering the updates that we have had in 2022 and 2023 in the core of Google, it will definitely be difficult for people who move forward without a right and delicate strategy or even with a weak strategy. It is better to use an updated and pioneer team or agency who are experienced and have the cutting edge knowledge in this field to determine the best and optimum SEO strategy for your website.

The 8 recommendations that Quanta currently offers you for designing an SEO strategy are:

  1. First write for your audience, then for the search engines like Google
  2. Do not overuse the keywords and make sure they are used the right place for your audience and search engines simultaneously
  3. Take user experience (UX) sober and be sure to have a specific and unique plan for it
  4. Forget excessive internal linking and try to make everything calculated
  5. Don't forget to have a structured data or Featured Snippets and utilize schema codes correctly on your website
  6. Remove anything that slows down your website even if it makes your website look a little simple
  7. Google updates have a deep and serious impact on your situation, make sure you are following them carefully and do make the necessary decisions with the advice of an expert, and avoid rushed actions after Google updates.
  8. Don't forget to develop the content of the site, everything is not about creating new content or pages, be sure to update old content and pages and create sub-categories for your main pages.

What are the results of SEO website with the correct strategy design?

After the given explanations, you may have a question about what are the results of SEO strategy design and why we do emphasize on it.

SEO website strategy means designing strategies and planning the implementation of steps designed for 8 purposes:

  1. Get more visitors (clicks for related fields) for the website
  2. Getting better and higher rankings in Google and other search engines for target keywords
  3. Convert site visitors to loyal customers and higher conversion rate
  4. Receive leads, sales, and marketing leads directly from the website
  5. More user interaction with the site
  6. Attractive branding and brand awareness for website users, audiences, and clients
  7. Return of marketing investment through SEO
  8. Increasing of visibility in the related fields of competition

If we want to achieve the above goals, we must devise a basic and tailor made strategy for SEO. The most important goal is leading and attracting more related visitors, which can directly increase sales and earn more profit or introduce products and services.

Why SEO strategy has to be devised and designed before website development?

As you know, to optimize the website based on the technical and professional principles, practical and desirable strategies should be determined as the main goal.

It is better to determine what your SEO strategy is and how it should be implemented on the website before the website development, because after website development, you have to change most of the site's events.

This is better for you in 3 ways:

  1. You will not pay again to make changes on the website
  2. You will get results sooner and you will not lose time
  3. After indexing the pages, if you modify the structure based on your SEO strategy, you will face a big challenge, which the SEO experts and teams have to modify your website over time.

How to search for online users and check users' needs, checking the words suggested by Google and extracting the best keywords, analyzing competitors' websites and checking visitors, and most importantly designing the website's content architecture are among the things that should be considered before designing a website.

If a website is designed without considering the things mentioned, it will lead to audience confusion and so would lead business failure on the website and digital world, which you definitely do not want to experience it.

Nowadays, experts in the field of website optimization, have looked at this issue a little deeper and use newer methods in addition to using older strategies such as getting backlinks and targeting specific keywords.

You can contact our experts for a free consultation

11 advantages of online shop website SEO

The life of online shop websites depends on coming new potential customers to the website and turning them into loyal customers. One of the best and most cost-effective marketing parameters for these kind of websites is actually SEO and website optimization.

SEO yields variety of advantages for online shops and stores that we address you the 11 main advantages of online shops' and online stores' website SEO:

  1. Creating brand awareness
  2. Sales funnel process completion
  3. Building trust for new buyers by presenting the experience of old buyers to them
  4. Content marketing through understanding the main and critical needs and requirement of the audiences and visitors
  5. The possibility of customer retention marketing and remarketing
  6. Introducing new products to old site users and loyal customers
  7. Take advantage of long-tail keywords to increase traffic
  8. Improve user experience
  9. Reducing the cost of attracting new visitors to the site in the marketing process
  10. Creating sustainable value for customers
  11. Better introduction and presentation of products to the audience

What is the difference between the SEO of a online store website and a service provider website and other types of websites?

The most important difference between an online store website and other websites is that the goal of online store and online shop website SEO are websites with many products and numerous number of pages, this is while most of the products have similar features.

The presence of products with a large number of similar features make your website's content seem repetitive for Google and other search engines. So, in this case, you will face a challenge in indexing pages and cannibalizing, so have to yield your website to a SEO specialist and team.

The online shop or store website also has different technical challenges compared to other websites and it is much more difficult to optimize its loading speed.

These websites naturally have a more complex content architecture and it is difficult to design an SEO strategy for an online store and online shop website. This issue is also true for internal linking of the site.

Therefore, it is necessary for your website to be in a better position compared to the competitors, so that your audience and clients visit your website before visiting the competitor's websites

هر آنچه صاحبان کسب‌وکار می‌خواهند درباره سئو بدانند

وبینار با حمایت و اسپانسری مجموعه دفتر شما

سئو چیست | هر آنچه صاحبان کسب و کار می‌خواهند درباره سئو بدانند
Play Video about سئو چیست | هر آنچه صاحبان کسب و کار می‌خواهند درباره سئو بدانند

چگونه بهترین بازدهی را از رپورتاژ اگهی بگیریم؟

با همراهی سهیل عباسی

No, not at all. Guaranteed SEO is fraud. It is very easy to understand why, as you can not guarantee something that is owned by search engine algorithms. The positions on the Google search page do not belong to anyone and the question is that who wants to sell them to anyone as a guarantee, this is while if someone provides a guarantee for a position that does not belong to them, it is definitely a fraud. This why we do our bests to gain the trust of our customers due to our knowledge and experience.

No, we do not use black hat SEO methods at all, and we have acquired enough skills to keep our actions in the gray hat area so that your website is not in danger and harmed. Using black hat methods may have positive effects for your website in the short term, but in the medium term you will face with disastrous effects for your website or even be fined by Google and suffer irreversible damages.

It is not proper to specify an accurate time for this issue as everything depends on the website’s performance, but we usually see the initial and acceptable results on the website between 3 till 6 months.

We have full knowledge about the actions that can result in a website to be penalized. If your website is penalized, we will check the content of the website so that if it is penalized due to the Panda algorithm, we can remove it, and we will check the internal and external links of your website. So, if it is been penalized due to the Penguin algorithm, we can fix the problems by building high quality links. We have to note that in most of the cases we can remove and solve the penalty issue. This is why we must check your website carefully.

If you want to do your website’s SEO by yourself, keep in mind that you cannot advance a serious SEO project by watching a few training courses. If you have an internal SEO team, pay attention to the fact that SEO has different sections and parameters and if you want to hire one person for each section, it will cost you a lot. And basically, the experience of an SEO team that has several brilliant projects in their history and resume is far different from an internal team that is working only on one project. Your website’s SEO is one of the best decisions you can make to delegate it to a professional and experienced team that can save your money and make much better results for your business.

The most important factor you should keep in your mind in choosing your SEO team is their experience in the SEO. Who have no or less experience and use your website’s SEO as their mentor shipment and training just for gaining the experience, this is why they will ask for low prices. The important issue is that the history of activities on the your website is very important and search engines have them in their history, and if wrong actions are taken, in the future you will have to spend several times more to correct them. If this issue is unclear to you, call us and we will explain to you with an example.

The best SEO tool that can be used for website SEO performance and analysis  is Google’s own official tool, Search Console. This is while, other tools can be used, but they generally do not provide precise analysis

Improving the technical SEO status requires a lot of expertise and specialty because the smallest technical change can have massive effects on the website’s SEO situation. We highly recommend you do not do the SEO this by yourself and leave it to agencies and teams who have enough experience in this field.

There are several factors and parameters that can affect on the price of SEO services. One of the primary factors is the scope of the project, including the scale of the website, the number of landings needed to be optimized, and the level of competition for the target keywords. Another factor that can affect on the price of a SEO project is the level of expertise and experience of the SEO service provider. Experienced and reputable providers often charge higher rates for their services. The type of SEO services aske by the clients can also affect the costs, For example, local SEO services may be cheaper than international SEO services or. Other factors that can affect the price include the time period for achieving targeted results, the amount of required research and analysis needed to be done on the project, the complexity of the project, and the level of required customization. In general, businesses is better to determine their budget and amount of money they want to invest for their online marketing and targets they want achieve by SEO results. This is while, the investment on SEO can pay off by increased website traffic, higher search engine rankings and ultimately increased revenue.

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